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Raspberry Sugar Free

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Edge is a natural electrolyte powder that rapidly hydrates the body by replacing all the important minerals it sweats out.

  • World 1st – cOMx Complete Ocean Mineral Complex®
  • 99% Sugar Free
  • Raw minerals extracted from pure Australian ocean water
  • Contains 150mg Magnesium in every serving
  • Plus over 70 naturally occurring Ocean minerals
  • Easily absorbed by your body for rapid utilisation
  • Made with real fruit
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan Friendly

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  • Lucrative Profit Margins

    EDGE Electrolytes offers an enticing opportunity for wholesalers with its attractive profit margins. Our product line allows wholesalers to secure bulk quantities at favorable rates, ensuring a profitable venture when distributing to retailers.

  • High Demand and Trend Alignment

    Capitalize on consumer demand with EDGE Electrolytes, a product line designed to align seamlessly with current market trends. The high demand for electrolyte products positions wholesalers for swift turnovers and sustained market relevance.

  • Reliable Quality and Consistency

    Choose EDGE Electrolytes for a reliable supply chain and consistent product quality. Our commitment to excellence ensures wholesalers can confidently meet retailer demands, fostering trust and stability in inventory management.

  • Comprehensive Marketing Support

    Partnering with EDGE Electrolytes means gaining access to robust marketing support. Our product line comes equipped with engaging marketing materials, promotional campaigns, and collaborative training initiatives. This empowers wholesalers to effectively promote and drive sales with ease.

The EDGE Electrolytes product line not only promises financial rewards and strategic market alignment but also stands out as an innovative choice, giving wholesalers a distinct advantage in a competitive landscape.


We’re committed to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle and we love getting behind community events.  We are proud supporters of major fundraising events such for MSQLD and the Fred Hollows Foundation, but we also love supporting smaller local events too.  If you are organising a charity fundraising event where participants are expected to break into a good sweat, then reach out here.